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Troodos village taverns: Apsiou tavern

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If you want to try the real Cyprus meat meze, you should visit one of the mountain villages, since it is there that you will be able to touch the traditional culture, to enjoy the creative cuisine and the rustic wine from local wineries.

In our opinion, one of the best village taverns located near Limassol, is Apsiou tavern, in the eponymous village of Apsiou. You will have to spend about half an hour to get to the tavern by car, but you will have an unforgettable experience of the place.

Taverns in Troodos

Apsiou tavern

Apsiou Tavern was built on the place of an old water mill, near the church of the IV century, and, as you can imagine, it is interesting not only in terms of delicious food, but also of historical value. By the way, there is a fountain with a milky white water in the village, where, according to a legend, women who had difficulties with milk, were going there to get help.

Best Cyprus taverns

Apsiou tavern

Now, we will tell more about the tavern itself. Being here, for sure you have to try the meze. What is Cyprus meze? Perhaps, until you experience it by yourselves, you can’t understand why you should not order anything extra. Cyprus meze consists of 20-25 dishes of a wide variety of traditional appetizers, snacks and meals. Meat meze traditionally includes Cyprus “dips” (sauces) – taramosalata, tahini, hummus, or others, which are served with freshly baked pita bread. As appetizers you are definitely served with olives and a village salad.

Then, comes the turn of meat snacks: dolmades (Greek stuffed grape leaves), lukanika (smoked pork sausages with coriander), sheftalia (meat patties), souvlaki (skewers of pork and chicken) and stifado (beef stewed in wine). Typically, the range of dishes depends on the specific location. In Apsiou tavern, in addition to all the above mentioned, we also tasted the traditional meatballs with rice.


The feast is crowned by a magnificent Kleftiko – lamb, baked in a traditional oven.

The cost of all these dishes is 15 euro per person for 20-25-course dinner. You probably know already that the meze can be ordered for at least 2 people. But if you visit Apsiou Tavern with a company of 3-4 people, the meze for two, will be more than enough for all of you.


The perfect complement to this meze will be a carafe of village red wine or a homemade lemonade.


The only inconvenience in visiting the tavern is that it is open, as a rule, only on Fridays and Saturdays. Therefore, if you follow our advice and you are thinking of visiting the tavern in Apsiou village, pre-contact by phone at the following number 99645198.

Speciality: Cyprus traditional cuisine

Where: Apsiou village

When: –

Price: around 15-20 euro per person



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