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Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa (Miliou, Paphos, Cyprus)

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Evening in Ayii Anargyri hotel

Contact data

Address: P.O. Box 8, 8726, Miliou, Cyprus

Phone: +357 26 814003


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Location of the Hotel Ayii Anargyri and nearby infrastructure

The hotel is located in the mountains, at a distance of about 20 km from Paphos and 15 km from Polis. The taxi fare to Paphos is about 20-25 euro. The distance from Larnaca Airport is 152 km and from Paphos Airport is 33 km. Nearby, is Miliou village, where you can stroll around traditional streets, relax and eat at the coffee shops and taverns of the village. In a distance of about 20 minutes, you can reach the beaches of Polis and Latchi. There are no restaurants, cafes and shops in the immediate vicinity.

Rooms in Ayii Anargyri

The hotel offers 56 rooms in various categories, most of which are supplied with water from a sulfite source. Guests can choose how they would like to take a bath: with plain water or mineral. Regardless of the category rooms, all of them are equipped with bathroom, toiletries, hairdryer, telephone and TV (including Russian channels). Maid service is provided daily. Bathrobes are offered to the guests during their visit to the SPA. In the rooms, guests can take advantage of the free Internet access, but its speed depends on the location of the room: in rooms, which are not very far from the reception, the speed is higher. In the whole hotel area, Internet (Wi-Fi) is available free of charge.

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Description of Ayii Anargyri Hotel

The hotel has a big green territory. Guests are constantly surrounded by pines and other trees that fill the air with freshness and unique smells. You can spend relaxing time at the pool, laying on the sunbeds or in the cozy restaurant. Deck chairs and umbrellas for the guests are free of charge. Separated from the main building is the Hotel Spa, which is one of the best in Cyprus.

The hotel has a shop where you can purchase tanning cosmetics, cosmetics for face as well as for body and souvenirs. For the purchase of other goods and products, guests will need to go to the village or to the nearby cities (Paphos and Polis).

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Dining at Ayii Anargyri

The hotel organizes meals on the “B&B”, “Half-board” and “Full board” basis. There is no “all inclusive” system in the hotel.

Breakfast is served in the main restaurant. At “buffet” breakfast they offer a great variety of drinks (lemonade, mint water, fresh and natural juices, tea, coffee, water) and food (local and imported cheeses, delicious meats, cereals, fruits, vegetables and other types of cold appetizers). Hot meals can be ordered from a list proposed by the waiters (hearty omelettes with various fillings, eggs and other hot snacks).

Guests can dine in the pool restaurant, and in Cava Gourmet, which is stylized as a wine cellar. The cost of dinner at a restaurant is about 80-100 euro for two persons, including drinks.

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Entertaiment at Ayii Anargyri

The hotel organizes themed evenings, as well as cooking classes from time to time. However, daily entertainment program is not carried out.

Leisure for children at the Ayii Anargyri

There isn’t a kids club at the hotel, as accommodation is provided only for children from 14 years old and above.

Beach description and distance from Ayii Anargyri Hotel 

There isn’t a beach near the hotel, as it is located in the mountains. The distance to the nearest beaches at Polis and Latchi, is about 15 km.

Special features of Ayii Anargyri

The hotel is ideal for couples without children and for those, who would like to stay in a calm and peaceful place. Most visitors of the hotel are British, Germans and locals. The hotel is very popular among the residents of Cyprus who prefer to spend their weekends here, especially during the hot months of the year. The hotel is suitable for those who want to improve their health and to relax at the spa resort. Treatments are held under the supervision of experienced physicians.

The hotel is not suitable for youth leisure: the lack of daily entertainment programs at the hotel, and the distance from the entertainment and nightlife centers of major resorts, lead to the reason why the hotel is more attractive for those who are seeking solitude.

Ayii Anargyri Hotel review

Advantages of Ayii Anargyri Hotel

Green area

One of the best spa centers in Cyprus

Quiet atmosphere

Opportunity to spend a weekend away from the sweltering heat

Attentive staff

Comfortable and renovated rooms with water from sulfide sources

Free Wi-Fi all around the hotel

Disadvantages of Ayii Anargyri Hotel

There is no ATM in the hotel and the other ATM’s are quite far

There are no restaurants and cafes nearby

There are no essential goods in the hotel shop

Whom we recommend Ayii Anargyri Hotel?

  • Weddings and honeymoons;
  • Families without children;
  • Solo tourism.


  • Cyprus Kaleidoscope rating8
  • Locals rating5
  • Tripadvisor rating8
  • Booking rating9
  • Tophotel rating10
  • 8



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