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Beauty salon prices in Cyprus

Beauty salons

Cyprus beauty

Cyprus mentality is a unique mix of cultures, traditions and religions. It should be noted that one of the main features of the local people is the ability to enjoy life every day, no matter what crises.

Beauty in Cyprus

Most Cyprus beauty salons are small in size, and are mainly the monoservice salons (hairdressing and makeup services, manicure and pedicure salons, beautician salons). Typically, the interior of the salon is dominated by European modern style and soft colors. Luxury design in Cyprus salons is rare, everything will be very concise.

Of great importance in Cyprus, as well as throughout the world, is the location of the beauty salon. The most prestigious and expensive salons are located in five-star hotels, a tourist area and the city center. In the «sleeping» areas the level of prices for services will be a little bit lower.

As a rule, the prices of services in the salons of various levels are sufficiently available. Even five-star hotels and prestigious salons prices for beauty services in Cyprus are comparable to the prices of the European salons of business class level.

Often Cyprus masters themselves open salons, being both their owners and worked as a specialist. In good salons the owner usually trained at prestigious studios, mostly in the UK, which a recognized leader in the field of beauty training centers.

Prices for hairdressing in Cyprus

Prices for hairdressers in Cyprus are quite democratic, and in the salons you will be given a full range of services from simple or creative hairstyles and hair extensions, and finishing hair treatments.

The cost of men haircut in Cyprus is from 15 to 25 euro depending on the salon. The most expensive salons price for men haircuts in Cyprus may reach 35-40 euro. Women’s haircuts cost depends on the complexity of haircut and length of hair, but usually no more than 35-40 euro in business class beauty salon. In the luxury salons in Cyprus cost may exceed this level, but not too much.

As a rule, during all types of services they use L’Oreal, Kerastase and Swartzkopf brands.

Services of straightening and hair extensions are very popular in Cyprus.

And, of course, every girl turn to the hairdresser and makeup artist in the most important day of her life — the wedding day. Here the cost of hairdo (including trial version) and make-up is very different from the Nordic countries level and is about 450-550 euro.

Cyprus hairdressers

Hairdressers in Cyprus

Prices for manicure and pedicure in Cyprus

In contrast to the Nordic countries, where many make a pedicure only in the summer time, Cyprus is characterized by the fact that open shoes can be worn practically throughout the year. This leads to a high demand for nail service in Cyprus.

The cost of normal manicure with long-term cover (shillak) in Cyprus is from 20 to 35 euro depending on the salon. Price for pedicure with long-term coverage will vary from 30 to 50 euro.

Virtually any salon offers spa services for manicure and pedicure, but these services are not especially popular in Cyprus.

But on the nail extention there is a great demand. Cost for nail extention in Cyprus is about 40-50 euro.

Pedicure in Cyprus

Manucure treatment in Cyprus

Beauticians in Cyprus

The level of beauticians in Cyprus are quite high, it is only necessary to choose the right salon, to check availability of the necessary certificates and permition to work like a doctor. As in any other country is better to ask for the help of a doctor with a medical degree, and not just to specialists, having certificate of «beautician».

Cost of services varies from a beautician service type and level of specialist. For example, in the medical center the cost of face cleaning is about 50 euro. And if you need additional masks and treatments, the cost will be around 100 euro. Very popular among local beauticians are such brands as Academie (France), Thalgo (France), Carita (France), as well as the Swiss brands. Of course, a selection of professional cosmetics line, as in the other European countries, you will not be able to have in Cyprus because of the limited supply of cosmetic products to the island.

The cost of treatments for face and body in Cyprus is about 60-80 euro, and in five-star hotels cost of treatments varies from 100 to 200 euro.

Make-up in Cyprus

Cyprus cosmetology

So, beauty salons in Cyprus are ready to offer a full range of services. It does not matter whether you live in the island permanently or do not have time to freshen up before the holiday, all treatments can be provided for you in Cyprus. And of course, do not forget the rules, which are in force in any country: it is necessary to contact a qualified specialist, who has the necessary licenses and certificates.


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