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Category: Life in Cyprus

Фестивали на Кипре в июне

Lavanda festival in Cyherbia

The 6th Annual Lavender Festival will again be held at Cyherbia Botanical Park in Avgorou, from the 10th until the 25th of June. The only...

Herbs festival

Botanical Festival in Platres

The festival takes place at the Cultural Centre of Platres on 6-7th of May, 2017. Its purpose is to demonstrate the beneficial properties...

Festivals in May

Lania Lanes and Courtyards

The sun kissed southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains above Lemesos (Limassol) are known as the ‘Krassochoria’ and are...

Conferences in Cyprus

Conference venue: Londa Beach Hotel 5*

Londa Beach Hotel is perfectly located for conferences, seminars and corporate events in Limassol, the commercial hub of Cyprus. The hotel...

Cyprus taxes

Cyprus property taxes 2017

There have been a number of changes to various property taxes in Cyprus in recent times and a summary of the impact of those changes for...


Wedding in Cyprus: Londa Beach Hotel 5*

Elegant boutique hotel Londa Beach 5*, located in Limassol directly on the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, meets the requirements of the most...

Новости Кипра

11-й кипрско-российский фестиваль 4-5 июня!

В 2016 году фестиваль пройдет в первые выходные лета – 4-5 июня. Генеральные...

Buy villa in Cyprus

50,000 properties in Cyprus ‘remain unsold’

As many as 50,000 properties throughout Cyprus have remained unsold for a significant amount of time as demand from local and foreign...

Cyprus news

English weddings and baptisms in Cyprus

Whilst many expats on the island choose to have a civil marriage ceremony, it is also possible to have a religious ceremony or a baptism...

Property in Cyprus

Property sales increase significantly in 2015

Land Registry data released on Tuesday showed that in 2015 property sales in Cyprus followed an upward trend. Data showed that the property...

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