Вторник 31 Март 2020
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Category: Property

Cyprus taxes

Cyprus property taxes 2017

There have been a number of changes to various property taxes in Cyprus in recent times and a summary of the impact of those changes for...

Buy villa in Cyprus

50,000 properties in Cyprus ‘remain unsold’

As many as 50,000 properties throughout Cyprus have remained unsold for a significant amount of time as demand from local and foreign...

Property in Cyprus

Property sales increase significantly in 2015

Land Registry data released on Tuesday showed that in 2015 property sales in Cyprus followed an upward trend. Data showed that the property...

Buy property in Cyprus

Where to buy property in Cyprus?

The first question that people have, when moving to a new place of residence, is the choice of places to stay. Although Cyprus is small...

To buy in Cyprus

Cyprus property prices: October 2015

The 24th edition of the RICS Cyprus Property Price Index issued the report about the average price for the property in Cyprus on 27th...


What is property title in Cyprus?

The title of property owner in Cyprus The procedure for registration of property in Cyprus is very different from a similar procedure in...

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