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Category: Attractions

Mosaics main1

Travel to the World of Mosaics

Couple of years ago we managed to visit an amazing place, located near Paraklisha village. Following the lower road from Limassol to...

Cyprus entertainment

Cyprus Waterparks

Probably the most pleasant entertainment during the summer heat, is a visit to the waterpark. And so the first thought when answering the...

Cyprus farms

Donkeys riding: Golden Donkeys Farm

If you want to spend a day in an amazing surrounding, to touch the culture and the traditions of Cyprus, then you should definitely visit...

Limassol attractions

Limassol Medieval Castle (Limassol Old Town)

Find Limassol Castle on Google map Limassol Medieval Castle, as we see it today, was rebuilt during the Turkish domination (XIX century)....

What to see in Limassol

Wine museum in Cyprus (Erimi village)

Find museum on Google map Wine museum in Cyprus was opened in November 2004, after 6 years of hard work (1998-2004) in restoring, expanding...


Cyprus railway

People often ask: «Does Cyprus have railroad?» Now there is not now … And there is in no need in the island with length a...

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