Четверг 21 Март 2019
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Cultural cooperation between Russia and Cyprus will develop

kipr and russia

Сотрудничество России и Кипра

Yuri Zaitsev, the Head of the Russian Science and Culture Center in Cyprus, told some words about future plans, connected with development of cultural cooperation between Russia and Cyprus.

An exhibition of artists from Russia, a concert in honor of the 175th anniversary of Petr Tchaikovsky, performances of the Mariinsky Theatre, the exhibition of icons, the National Unity Day, the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the victory at Moscow, Russian Language Day and the Day of Astronautics are already included in the preliminary list of events in Cyprus. This list will be updated in the future. The program includes events that are very important for the Russian community in Cyprus.

One of the first major events of the Russian center in Cyprus will become a concert of Vadim Palmov (Russian pianist), which will take place on 26th of September.



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