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Cyprus holidays and festivals in October

October offers visitors  and locals of the island not only the amazing weather and warm sea, but also a variety of events and festivals.

Cyprus Holidays in October

On the first day of October Cyprus celebrates its Independence Day. In 1960, the island, which for many centuries was ruled by a number of different states, finally achieved its long-awaited independence. Cyprus’ Independence Day is a public holiday, marked by a variety of festivities. In Nicosia (the capital of the island) as well as in other main cities, parades and public processions take place.

October 28 is another public holiday in Cyprus. ‘Ohi’ Day (No Day) is a national holiday in Greece and Cyprus, which is celebrated in memory of the rejection of the ultimatum presented by Italy during World War II. On October 28, 1940 Italy demanded that Greece allowed troops through its territory, but received a resounding “no” or “ohi” in response. On this day, all the streets are decorated with national flags and mass celebrations are held during the day.

Cyprus festivals in October

The number of festivals in Cyprus in October is perhaps not as diverse as in the period from May to the end of September, but some of them are definitely worth a visit.

In early October, the grape feast continues in various villages.

In late September to early October, wine festivals are held in several villages of Cyprus.  Winery villages organise various events dedicated to wine and its production.

Guests of the grape festival are able to observe the producing of shushukos and paluze, and also try delicacies made from grapes. The festival programme also includes competitions, games, folk music, wine tasting of the new harvest, and live entertainment.

Visitors can learn about the traditions of Cyprus, while also visiting the churches and other rural attractions. In 2015, the festival was held in villages such as Vasa, Lofu, Arsos, Vouni and Koilani.



Cyprus festivals in October

Wine festival

The Apple Festival is held annually in Kyperounta in the first ten days of October. There they organise a rich fruit and vegetable market with a great assortment of fresh seasonal apples, as well as products and delicacies of seasonal fruits, fresh apple juice, apple pie, apple cider vinegar, etc.

During the festival, the apple exhibition is organised, where all the varieties of apples growing in Cyprus are presented and competitions for the best apple pie are held. There are also traditional music and entertainment shows during the festival.

Guests can also take a walk through the villages and see the local churches and sights.

Village festivals in Cyprus

Apple festival in Kyperounta


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