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Cyprus villages: Pedoulas

Where is Pedoulas located?

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For the first time we found the information about the small village last year, when we went to celebrate the New Year in the mountains. There are two roads to Pedoulas: if you are coming from Limassol, the closest route is through the pass in the Troodos, but in the winter, despite the shorter distance, you can spend more time in the mountains. The second way through Nicosia is longer, but more safe.

Деревни Тродоса


The history of the village dates back to the Byzantine era (IV — XII centuries). During the reign of the Franks and the Venetians village was a royal estate, and the first private school was opened here in 1700.

For a long time the villagers were engaged in agriculture, even now they calle Pedoulas Cherry village, which even has its own symbol with the favorite berry. However, to earn sufficient money for living only with agriculture was difficult, so residents were engaged in weaving, treated hides and made leather shoes. In the twentieth century they even even built a tannery in the village.

Pedoulas attractions


Что посмотреть в Педуласе

Достопримечательности Педуласа

— Archangel Michael Church (XV century) with valuable frescoes, which is under the protection of UNESCO.

— Byzantine Museum, located in the former village primary school. Where you can admire the priceless icon of XIII-XIV centuries from the Church of the Holy Cross, which once was in this village.

— Ethnographic Museum, where you can get acquainted with the life of the villagers. It turns out that not only rose oil from damask rose petals famous in Pedoulas, which was received in the XVI century, but also the silk from the silkworm produced here for a long time, as in many


What to do in Pedoulas village

In fact, Pedoulas is more suitable for those who like to relax in a calm atmosphere. We can not argue that the entertainment on the territory of the village is a little bit lack. Here you can safely take a walk, to spend a romantic weekend at the hotel (especially pay attention to the just opened last year Aristotello boutique hotel) or have a snack at a local tavern.


Деревни Тродоса

Улочки Педуласа

But if you want to spend a busy day with an acquaintance with the sights and rural life with a local touch, you can go to the village of Kalopanagiotis, located just 5 km from Pedoulas.

Отдых в горах на Кипре

Деревня Педулас


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