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Cyprus villages: Vasa Kilaniou

Деревни в горах

Деревня Васа

Where is Vasa?

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Three years ago we came to this picturesque village with the desire to participate in the «grape adventure.» Every year one of the local residents organizes this event for those who want to be able to prepare grape juice, which significantly increases immunity, by themselves. I’ll tell more about this event a little bit later, when the dates of it’s annual event will be approaching, but for now it would be desirable to tell about the village itself.

Vasa village history

Vasa Kilaniou or Krasokhoryon is located at a distance of 35 km from Limassol at the  altitude of 790 meters above sea level. The name of the village comes from the Greek word Vassa or Vessa, which means «wooden valley». Since ancient times the village was famous for its wine. In ancient sources it was said that «the best dark wine» is produced in Vassa, and also the greatest amount of raisins.


Vasa village in Cyprus

Улочки деревни Васа

After the Second World War, the population of the village began to decline rapidly, and in the early 2000s only 120 people lived in the village. However, with the development of tourism, the village began to return and turn into a popular center of agrotourism.

Vasa’s special pride, as it was many years ago, is the local wine, the grapes for which are collected from the local vineyards. In addition to wine, there are the production of the paluza, sudzhukos and kiofetrica is developed in the village.


Агротуризм на Кипре

Деревня Васа

What to do in Vasa village?

It is worthwhile to come in Vasa only because the walks along its cobbled cozy streets, get an unforgettable pleasure and reach relax mind. After wandering around the center of the village, you can go to the only Zivania museum in Cyprus. It was founded not so long ago (in 2013), but entering a traditional building built of sandstone, you have the impression that you returned many years ago and can feel the way of local village residents.

One can visit the museum daily from 8 to 13 hours, and on Saturday — until 15.00. The cost of the visit is 2 euro, including tasting of local red wine and zivaniya. There is also a small cafe where you can taste local sweets and farm products. Well, in the end, it’s worth to look into the souvenir shop to take some interesting things for memory with you.


Достопримечательности Васа

Музей зивании на Кипре

Vasa Attractions

— Museum of Church Art

— Museum of Education

— Museum of Zivaniya

— Church and cave of Apostal Varnava

— Chapel of St. Giorgos

— Cave of Apostle Timonos

— Church of Panayia tou Evaggelismou


Вино на Кипре

Виноградники в деревне Васа

Виноделие на Кипре

Виноград на Кипре

Well, that’s the end of our  trip to the village! We wish you all a pleasant journey and new discoveries!



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  • Agrotourism9
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  • Historical value8
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