Понедельник 13 Июль 2020
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Cyprus welcomes the influx of Russian tourists

Currently, a number of Cyprus hotels has extended the tourist season. Russian tour operators urgently shifted to Cyprus after the withdrawal from the market of the Egyptian resorts. This was confirmed by the head of the Association of Hoteliers in Cyprus Haris Laizides, who announced that the Russian tour operators have made the weekly schedule and added 15 flights between Russia and Cyprus until the end of March. Cyprus may receive up to 20 thousand of the new tourists.

After the crash of the Russian airliner over the Sinai Russian tour operators redirect tourists not only for Cyprus, but also in Turkey, Spain and Israel. Haris Laizides suggested that a significant portion of the stream Turkey will receive. However, Cyprus will also be able to extend the season. According to Cyprus hoteliers the most benefits will be got by the hotel owners, who will continue to work in the winter.


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