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Do Wine & Dine: The place to have breakfast in Limassol

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50E Amathoudnos Ave.

4532, Limassol


Phone: +357 25 020 056



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Breakfast Menu in Do Wine & Dine

Today, we would like to share our opinion about Do Wine & Dine restaurant’s new offer. Starting from October 2015, locals and guests of Limassol, have the opportunity to enjoy delicious breakfasts every day.

After having a look through its extensive menu, we decided to select the romantic champagne breakfast: fresh orange juice, croissants and Danish, fruit platter, fromage frais 0%, a plate of homemade smoked salmon, Borodinsky bread, a choice of scrambled eggs or omelet and two glasses of rose champagne Ruinart (48 euro for two).

They offer quite a large range of set breakfasts in Do Wine & Dine: in addition to the already mentioned Champagne breakfast, guests can feast on Healthie breakfast (16.30 euro) or treat themselves with one of the three Prestige sets with caviar (from 19 up to 78 euro).

However, when we arrived at the restaurant, we decided that our breakfast should be more dense. That’s why we created our own set-breakfast: Do Eggs Benedict (6.90 euro), English breakfast (6.20 euro), fresh orange juice (4.50 euro), the Danish (2.80 euro), French toasts (3.80 euro), Cyprus coffee and two glasses of prosecco. In total, our breakfast cost 44 euro for the two of us, but our taste rated it much higher.


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Delicios breakfast in Do Wine & Dine

So, with what have we treated ourselves in Do Wine & Dine?

Actually, we had a special pleasure from an unusual dish: Do Eggs Benedict. Chef’s masterpiece consists of two poached eggs, crispy bacon and croutons, shallot, avocado, small slices of orange and a delicate citrus sauce. Each piece is melting in your mouth, leaving a creamy aftertaste.

Men will certainly appreciate the traditional English breakfast: two eggs cooked on your preference, bacon, sausage, grilled mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.

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It seems that in Do Wine & Dine, everyone can find a meal according one’s taste and for sure we will be back again, to try our favorite dishes or something new!

Specialties: Wine bar & restaurant, breakfasts, platters

Where: Opposite Poseidonia hotel

When: Daily from 8 am

Price: Around 15 euro per breakfast per person, around 40-50 euro per dinner with wine


  • Cyprus Kaleidoscope rating9
  • Locals rating8
  • Tripadvisor rating8
  • Opentable Rating8
  • Rating8
  • 8.2



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