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Cyprus Cities: Protaras

Compared to Limassol and Paphos, Protaras is a small resort town, where life stops in the winter season. Those who have visited Paphos in the summer time, probably will not believe that in winter almost everything is closed – from restaurants and cafes to hotels and shops.

Protaras History

In ancient times, this place was the Greek polis Lefkola and one of the most important seaports. In the IV century BC, the inhabitants of the city under the leadership of Demetrius the First, had a fight with one of the kings of Egypt from Ptolemaic dynasty, and even came out from the battle with victory, but not for long.

In the following centuries, Lefkolis was put in ruins, because the further development of the Greek polis didn’t happen. Gradually, the polis has been destroyed by earthquakes and battles, not under any dynasty of rulers Lefkolis was not restored. In the early twentieth century, the future popular resort was only an abandoned village.

The revival of the place began after the Turkish occupation of 1974, when the Famagusta resorts became disputed territory.

Holidays in Protaras

Now, Protaras is a secure resort and is very popular among families with children (due to the superb beaches) and fans of quiet rest. In the city and on the beach, there are many traditional taverns and restaurants with international cuisine. The prices are slightly lower than in the center of Ayia Napa and, especially, in Limassol. Lunch or dinner for two with a bottle of local wine, will cost around 30-40 euros.
Among the best Protaras hotels, we can mark the Grecian Park Hotel 5 *, Constantinos the Great Beach 5 * and Sunrise Pearl & Spa 5 *. All of them, are located on the first line of the beautiful sandy beaches and offer guests a full range of services.


Лучшие отели Протараса

Grecian Bay Hotel 5*

Beaches in Protaras

Protaras beaches are the best in Cyprus. Very warm sea, clean sand, the slope is usually flat, no strong wind, and the temperature’s difference isn’t observed. That is why Protaras beaches are very popular for children’s recreation and health promotion of tourists in older age groups. On the coast of Protaras, there are a lot of small coves and bays, allowing you to enjoy the peace and solitude.


Лучшие пляжи Кипра

Fig tree bay

What to see in Protaras?

In the midst of the rocks above the city, at an altitude of 115 meters above sea level, it is the Church of St. Elias. This Orthodox Church, built of sandstone, was built in the XVIII century on the site of the burnt wooden church. From the height of the temple, you can observe the luxurious panoramic views of Protaras and the surrounding area.


Достопримечательности Протараса

Церковь Святого Ильи

A few kilometers from the center of Protaras- in Paralimni – there is a famous Orthodox Church of St. Barbara, built in the XIX century in the Mediterranean architectural style. The whole complex looks airy, as though aspires to the sky. No wonder that many couples choose it for their wedding.

Интересные места в Протарасе

Церковь Святой Варвары на Кипре

Both adults and children will be interested in visiting Protaras Ocean Aquarium – a set of aquariums with fresh water, ending tanks with sea water. At the exit of the aquarium, there is a small zoo, home to penguins, ducks, parrots, crocodiles, turtles and raccoons.

Very popular among the visitors of the island, is the show “Dancing fountains” in Protaras. It happens after sunset, accompanied by music. Guests have the opportunity to see not only a great show, but also to enjoy food and drinks.

The nature lovers should definitely visit the park of Cape Greco, carefully protected by the state, where you can admire 400 species of plants, 28 of which grow only on the island.



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