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Cyprus villages: Agros

Where is Agros?

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Agros village became one of those villages that we visited in Cyprus even at the very beginning of our stay. This was facilitated by the fact that where is the only annual Rose festival is held in Cyprus. Since then, we have often visited many villages, but we have some very warm relations with Agros and we have repeatedly returned here not on holiday days, but in more peaceful times to enjoy a walk and local delicacies. For us, Agros will forever remain a “gourmet village”.

Горные деревни Кипра

Деревня Агрос

Agros is located in the Limassol region at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level. Currently, about 800 people live in the village, which, according to Cypriot standards, is quite a lot.

The history of Agros village

The village received its name from the Monastery of Megalos Agros, which was built on the site where the Panayi Agros church is now located. According to the legend, 40 monks from Kisikos (Asia Minor) left the monastery of the same name during the struggle with the icons and arrived in Cyprus, carrying the icon of the Holy Mother. For some time they lived in a cave, and then built a new monastery, which was named after their former orphanage. In 1692, a deadly virus raged on the island, killing two thirds of the population. The survivors left their homes and came to the monastery. So there was a new village, called Agros. In 1894 the monastery was destroyed, and the village preserved a rich historical heritage.


Фестиваль роз на Кипре

Дамасские розы на Кипре

What to do in Agros?

As we have already said, Agros is, in fact, a gourmet village. Where else can you find such a number of companies that produce a variety of tasty things.

First, we highly recommend you to go to the smoked shop. There are two of them, but we prefer to buy in Kafkalia smokehouse. A small family business for almost 30 years gives guests and villagers the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable taste of traditional meat delicacies. The owner of a smokehouse or his daughteres will be happy to show you smoking shops and tell you about the secrets of making lukanica, chiromeri and other fragrant meat delicacies.


Мясные продукты в Агросе

Традиционные продукты Кипра

Having bought smoked products, follow to the rose factory. Of course, everything that is produced in the village, you can buy in Kafkalia. But it is more interesting to investigate the place of production, isn’t it? That’s why we go straight to the factory. And here we are also greeted with a benevolent reception. The owner of the “rose kingdom” will tell you about the features of the production of rose water and products based on it. Here you will find both handmade candles and roses, and a variety of cosmetic products, and a rose liquor, and many other interesting products. By the way, similar factories in Cyprus do not exist in the other places, but in Agros you can find as many as two enterprises. Because it is here that a unique variety of damask roses is grown, which are common only in this area.

Фестиваль роз в Агросе

Фабрика роз в Агросе

Not far from the factory is one of the most famous Cyprus sweet enterprises of Cyprus – Niki Sweets. It is here that you can find the most unusual types of jam, including jam from eggplant and tomatoes. Be sure to try … Even if you do not like it, it will be something to tell your friends.

Глико на Кипре

Традиционные продукты Кипра

Well, in the end, you can look into one of the village taverns … To be honest, we did not find any particularly remarkable places in Agros, but you can try the traditional rustic meat meze …. At least, there will be no disappointments …


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