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Cyprus villages: Pyrgos

Центр деревни на Кипре

Деревня Пиргос

It’s difficult to say that Pyrgos village is the tourist place of attraction, where rich cultural heritage has been preserved. However, here, if desired, you can find many interesting places, which are the pride for the local residents.

Pyrgos is located Pyrgos in ​​Limassol area at an altitude of about 85 meters above sea level. On the northern boundaries of the settlement, the altitude above sea level reaches 488 meters, but on the southern outskirts it drops to 50 meters. By local standards, Pyrgos is a fairly large settlement, inhabited by about 2000 people.

So, back to the history. There was a settlement in Medieval times. On ancient maps, the village is mentioned under the name of Pirgo and Birgo. The name indicates the fact that in this region from Byzantine times there was a tower. They say that during the reign of the Franks, it was the family nest of noblemen who owned this feud. However, records about who these landowners were exactly, have not survived. Nirhos Klerides pointed out that the tower was called “Pyrogos tis Rigainas” (“Tower of the Queen”), from the first floor of which a tunnel leading to the ancient city of Amathus began. As in other cases associated with the Middle Ages, immediately there is a legend about the presence of “countless treasures.” In the case of Pyrgos, we are talking about the golden carriage on which the queen was moving around the region.


Рестораны в Пиргосе

Таверна в Пиргосе

On the territory of the village there are at least two archaeological sites from prehistoric times, but archaeological excavations have not yet been carried out because of the proximity to the ancient city of Amathous.

In the center of the village there is a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Pyrgos (Panagia Pyrgotissa). The construction of the church began around 1886, at the beginning of the construction a very solid foundation was laid at a depth of about 3 meters. Approximately 40 people built the church without getting paid for it. Their only reward was a portion of food a day, prepared by village women. All day they dragged stones from mountains on their hands or with the help of donkeys to keep the promise that the inhabitants gave to the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Святые места на Кипре

Церковь в Пиргосе

By the way, every year on August 15th there is a big fair here, where various merchants in honor of the Assumption Day bring their goods: traditional sweets lukumades, village products and various handicraft goods.

In written sources Pirgo was first mentioned in the epoch of the Franks in the letter of Pope Honorius III; in the same period we find information about the origin of the monastery. This monastery was intended for men of the monastic order of the Cistercians, who lived here from 1238 to 1251. The monastery functioned at least until the end of the XV century.

It is with the Cistercians another Pyrgos attraction is associated. Monks actively engaged in agricultural production. To this end, they built an innovative irrigation system for Cyprus, which has already been used in other European abbeys.

The watermill, which was built by them with a large-scale irrigation and hydraulic system, is unique, it is due to its architectural and historical significance that the medieval mill in Pyrgos was entered in the register of the Department of Antiquities and protected by the state.


Средневековый Кипр

Ирригационная система в Пиргосе

Well, that’s the end of our journey through history. About the present, we can say that Pirgos and the neighboring Paraklissia are one of the favorite areas for living among the many Russian-speaking and British people. Very close to the city, you will feel the real silence and village tranquility.

Муниципальный парк Пиргос

Оливы в парке Пиргоса


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