Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Donkeys riding: Golden Donkeys Farm

If you want to spend a day in an amazing surrounding, to touch the culture and the traditions of Cyprus, then you should definitely visit the donkeys’ farm, located in Skarinou village, not far from Limassol city. The farm, which is unique for Cyprus, was established due to the efforts of Pieris Georgiadi, who has worked for a long time with the Dipotamos Donkey Farm. Then he decided to combine his love for Cyprus and animals, as well as his business skills, for the creation and development of a business in Cyprus and to implement all of these on a family farm.

Many people are asking regularly the questions: “Where to rest with our children in Cyprus?” Or “Where to go with our children in Cyprus?” Now, that’s exactly the place where you expect pleasant emotions and an amazing experience.

What can you do on the farm?

Well, firstly, there are about 200 donkeys of all ages living in the farm and their composition is constantly growing. For example, earlier this year on the farm, there was a newborn foal named Valentino. Younger guests, can enjoy the farm hardworking and the friendly animals, which are an integral part of the traditional Cypriot life. Friendly donkeys are happy to taste the delicacy, which you will be able to please them with and they will not mind if you want to take some pictures with them.

If you fairly enjoyed the donkeys, you can stroll around the farm: here you will find an amazing olive tree, the age of which is about 1000 years. A powerful tree with a diameter of 8 meters and a height of about 3 meters, capable to nourish with force anyone who needs the power of the centuries-old land of Cyprus.

In the botanical garden of the farm there is a variety of grass, the smell of which spreads everywhere, and is carefully cultivated: lavender and basil, oregano and myrtle, as well as many other herbs, familiar to every inhabitant of the villages in Cyprus. On 12 acres, are also growing peaches, pomegranates, apples and cherries, lemons, oranges and other fruit trees.

For those who are interested in the Cyprus culture, it will be exiting to visit the traditional house and the wax museum. Here you can learn how the inhabitants of Cyprus used to be dressed, and how they settled their life. All the furniture in the house is old and you can even feel the “country spirit” of Cyprus.

In the wax museum, guests will get an idea of ​​the island’s traditional rural occupations and the daily life of the rural residents:  the small coffee shop, the rustic utensils and other household items, give a clear idea about the culture of a small Mediterranean island.

Right in the middle of the square, there is an old olive press. If you visit the farm late in autumn or in winter, when the olives ripen in Cyprus, you can feel how difficult was the work of donkeys in the old days. After all, as a rule, they had to twist the heavy millstones.

The last point of our visit, was the souvenir shop and the traditional products. Of particular interest to us, are the products made from the donkey’s milk and the donkey milk itself. Its beneficial properties, were announced by the ancient Greek physicians Hippocrates and Avicenna. Donkey milk contains “lysozyme” – an enzyme that has unique antibacterial properties. Donkey milk, also helps successfully in decision of various problems such as skin diseases, asthma, tuberculosis and other lung diseases. Cosmetics with natural donkey milk, allows to overcome age-related problems and nourishes the skin at a young age. Not without reason, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, highly valued the properties of donkey milk and took a bath, plunging into a healing product.

If you are interested in further details, you can ask any question in the comments and we will respond to it as soon as possible.

Contact details

Golden Donkeys Farm

Address: Skarinou Village

Phone Numbers: 70000620 or 99620736

Ticket price: € 3 per adult, € 1 per child. The donkey riding, should be paid separately.


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