Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Maroni tomato festival

Фестивали на Кипре

Томатный фестиваль в Марони

Maroni village will be holding its first Tomato Festival on July 2 to celebrate its status as one of the island’s main tomato growers.

Taking place at the village square from 7 pm till late.

Visitors will firstly receive a raffle ticket at the entrance for participation in a grand prize draw to win a Thermomix cooking device.

They will also be given a booklet in Greek and English that includes the history of the village and of tomato cultivation on the island; interviews with local tomato growers; food recipes; beauty treatment recipes; information on the benefits of tomatoes, and more.

A small greenhouse will be set up to explain the process of tomato cultivation.

Visitors can taste various tomato-based dishes with the compliments of the villagers, including a marmalade dip, sticks of mini burgers and tomatoes, tacos with tomatoes and Feta cheese, and other finger food.

There will also be other culinary traditions demonstrated, including Halloumi cheese making, bread kneading, tomato sauce making and Zivania distillation, with tasting of the products available. Aside from the ways that tomatoes can be used in cooking, visitors will be shown how to make tomato-based beauty masks. They can try the mask on their hand at the festival to see the effects on the skin, or make it at home, thanks to the recipe included in the welcome booklet.

In line with the theme of Cypriot culture, various local and traditional products will be on sale at the stalls – which number over 35 – and there will also be traditional food to buy, including souvlakia (kebabs) and Kleftiko (slow-cooked meat).

The cultural part of the festival will incorporate a photographic exhibition of tomato crops through the ages, and a programme of music and dance with two local dance groups, as well singers Nikos Trikkis and Kristallo Patsia.

Source: In-Cyprus


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