Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Travel to the World of Mosaics

Интересные места Кипра

Анфос Мириантус

Couple of years ago we managed to visit an amazing place, located near Paraklisha village.

Following the lower road from Limassol to Larnaca, you pass Monte Caputo and after about 500 m you need to look carefully at the inconspicuous Paintball sign, then turn left, go to the cross road and turn left again. In 200 meters you will notice bright colored houses, located behind a long figured fence. Welcome to the world of mosaics!


Интересные места Кипра

Мозаики на Кипре

According to author’s project mind – Anthos Miriantus – there is a creative hotel-park on a plot of land that is closely adjacent to his own house, where writers and artists from all over the world will come, who need a special atmosphere for creating their masterpieces.

All houses for living (they are planned to be built 6) are dedicated to some country or a combination of motives from nearby countries. For example, one of the first houses – “Africa” ​​- is decorated with paintings of several tribes, which until now live in natural areas untouched by civilization.

To enable the author to realize his project as soon as possible, hundreds of volunteers come here annually. These people help “maestro” in his work for free, and he instead teaches them the skills of creating mosaic compositions.


Достопримечательности Кипра

Мозаичный городок

In the future, an artificial lake, cozy gazebos, a café-restaurant and other interesting objects will be located on the territory of the park, which will clearly demonstrate what miracles the human hands can create.

It seems that the creator of the project has time for everything: to travel around the world, to share their impressions with others and pass on to them his experience and knowledge, and to publish a book and take care of kids. At the same time, one gets the impression that all puzzles in his life are shaping up in order, as well as the amazing mosaics in the park he designed from day to day!




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