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Femina Learning Centre and Social Club: Created by Women for Women

Women Learning Centre

Nina Shamtanis

On the 15th of November 2017, at TEPAK University, Limassol, Nina Shamtanis, in her presentation, revealed her new original idea for supporting women.  It is a Learning Centre and Social Club, under the name “Femina”, which is currently being developed.

The concept of the project aims at bringing together Women of all nationalities with the purpose of supporting, promoting and enhancing their education, career, aspiration, business goals, social skills and networking, through the mutual support, personal advancement and empowerment.

The Learning Centre and Social Club will be divided into three parts i.e. the Learning Center, Social Club and Hospitality/Entertainment, Events.

The vision and concept of the creator, Shamtanis, is to achieve through Femina the provision of educational opportunities and skill cultivation, through which women will be able to socially interact, establish strong business associations and exchange their ideas that will lead to new deals.

A safe and friendly environment will be created, whereby all women shall be free to thrive, learn and grow.  Women of all ages and background shall be welcomed in order to exchange experiences and dreams.

In addition, the social club/centre will be specifically designed, in a way that women and young ladies, of different mindsets, professions, passions and education will be able to acquire membership and meet each other, but at the time will have the opportunity to enjoy the leisure activities that social club/centre will provide.

The goal is to launch this project in Limassol, Cyprus in 2018 with the aspiration of sharing the idea, in a few years, internationally.


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