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Flower shops in Limassol: Speaking Roses

Contact data:

Address: Christaki Kranou 59, Limassol

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Phone: + 357 25 101 593, + 357 96 433 706

Open hours:

Monday — Thursday –  10.00 am — 7  pm.

Friday – 10 am — 9 pm.

Saturday — Sunday – 11 am — 6 pm

Цветочные магазины в Лимассоле

Speaking Roses

If you have a question «Where to buy a beautiful flowers in Limassol», you should definitely look into a new flower boutique Speaking Roses.

Why is it important to choose the right flowers? In fact, everyone knows that for women not flowers are important, but the fact of investing of efforts and attention. That is why at Speaking Roses Flower Boutique they use patented technology of applying a variety of photos, monograms, logos, images and text on a fresh cut flowers.


Магазины на Кипре

Розы на Кипре

In fact, not only this distinguishes Speaking Roses among other flower shops. Let’s go one by one.

Firstly, in addition to fresh-cut flowers, you can buy bouquets of «mothballed» plants and flowers. In contrast to the artificial flowers, the plants remain flexible, retain freshness and only slightly alter the original color. But they can be stored for 2-3 years.


Цветы в Лимассоле

«Законсервированные» букеты

Secondly, at Speaking Roses you can buy potted plants that have already been planted by the caring hands of the hostess to the fine pots. And you will be spared from having to do it themselves, risking make damage of the plant.

Third, the store owner herself is engaged in the selection of flowers, exporting them from abroad and buying in Cypriot households. This ensures a careful approach to the quality and freshness of flowers.

And, «the last on the list, but not least,» this is certainly unique atmosphere of the boutique. As soon as you cross the threshold, you find yourself in the realm of beauty and comfort, from where you do not want to leave! If you do not believe us, come and see for yourself …


Цветы на Кипре

Speaking roses



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