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Casale Panayiotis Hotel (Kalopanayiotis, Troodos, Cyprus)

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80 Markou Drakou, 2862, Kalopanyiotis, Cyprus

Phone: +357 22 952444



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Today we tell about one of the most remarkable hotels in Cyprus, which has already won the love of the local people. It is located high in the Troodos Mountains, in Kalopanayiotis village, after the ancient name of which the hotel recieved its name — Casale Panayiotis.

Casale Panayiotis is not just a hotel, it is a hotel-village. The idea of ​​the owner of the hotel was not only to create the ideal place where you could hide from the sweltering heat, but also to make sure that visitors could get acquainted with the customs and traditions of the Cyprus mountain villages.

Casale Panayiotis hotel is not a closed space, the rooms are located in traditional houses, repurchased or rented from local residents of the village, who then were carefully restored and equipped with appliances, in order the guests do not feel separation from the benefits of civilization and were able to fully appreciate the benefits of relaxation.

We locate in one of the rooms — two-bedroom suite. Spacious apartments with two bedrooms, a small kitchenette, a TV in each bedroom and living room, tea and coffee facilities, shower with toiletries from the famous Greek company Apivita, famous for its natural quality cosmetics, luxurious terrace with breathtaking views, where you can admire the mountain scenery of Cyprus … It seems that everything is tight-knit. On the whole territory, including the rooms, the hotel offers free wi-fi.

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Well, we will have time to enjoy the room, and now we go for a walk on the «hotel». Guest rooms in a village located on two levels and in order the guests do not overdo them on the slopes, the hotel owners have equipped finikuler-lift that will take you from one level to another. The trip on finikule for the hotel guests is free, but village visitors will have to pay 1 euro.

On the upper level there are numerous cafes, one of which — Pantheon with spacious terrace — belongs to the hotel, while others are independent businesses. In the Pantheon you can enjoy light snacks and burgers, desserts and drinks. Strolling down the country road, be sure to pay attention to a small coffee shop. Here you can taste the local wine with appetizers (olives, meat or cheese specialties) for only 2 euros.

The rest of the cafes and restaurants are located on the lower level. Bizantino restaurant serves traditional Cyprus and international cuisine. In Café Epikentro you will be served with coffee, tea, desserts and snacks. But in winter time, and to tell the truth, in summer time too, Kava Wine Bar is popular among the guests, where you can hide from the heat during summer or to warm up close to fireplace in the cold season.

In Epkientro cafe they also serve breakfast for the guests. I am particularly pleased by the fact that practically all the products, which were used to prepare breakfast, are the local one. Here you won’t find the Italian or Swiss cheese, but local varieties are presented in such abundance that is hard to find even in five-star hotels. And I was very surprise with the choice of fruits: grapes, peaches, apricots, plums, apples and even cherries, you see, that does not occur everywhere.

By the way, strolling through the narrow streets of the village, be sure to pay attention to the gift shop, located approximately opposite the reception. Here is a piece of hand harvesting and delicacies made in Kalo Panayiotis or nearby villages. We are highly recommend to buy something as a souvenir.

A special highlight of the hotel is the spa — Myrianthousa kindom. A huge two-storey center is ready to offer guests a full range of services. We will not talk in detail about this place, it deserves a separate description.

By the way, the hotel offers a very interesting program of staying in Cyprus: you can combine holiday in the mountains and on the coast. These tours are organized by the hotel together with one of the most popular hotel chains in Cyprus — Thanos Hotels: you can spend part of your vacation at the Mediterranean Sea, enjoying  the waves, and the second part of your stay to spend in the village and learn about the traditions and culture of the mountain Cyprus.

Well, we end our introduction of the hotel. Unfortunately, we are compelled to leave a welcoming place, but something tells us that we will come back here again and again.

Whom we can recommend Casale Panayiotis hotel?

  • Romantic and family couples;
  • People who planning a relaxing holiday in the mountains;
  • Active travelers.


  • Cyprus Kaleidoscope rating10
  • Locals rating10
  • Tripadvisor rating9
  • Booking rating9
  • Tophotel rating10
  • 9.6



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