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Income from tourism in Cyprus increases

Cyprus statistics

Tourism in Cyprus

According to the Statistic Agency in Cyprus, the income from tourism in July 2015 increased and partially covered up negative results since the beginning of the year. In July 2015 revenue from tourism reached 342.1 million euro, compared with 321.2 million euro in July 2014. In June 2015, tourism revenues decreased up to 14.6% compared with June 2014. Revenue from tourism in Cyprus decreased from January 2015. The exception was in March, when the income rose up to 15%.

Positive results were reached due to the increase of the tourist flow as the average cost per persone was down. In July 2015 the number of tourists reached 414,500 compared to 382 thousand in July 2014. Average consumption of tourists declined by almost 2%. The most amount in the island were spent by tourists from Switzerland (995.3 euro per person), Belgium (969.25 euro per person) and France (962.74 euro per person).


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