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Restaurants in Limassol: Pixida Fish Tavern

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Pixida menu

If you want to find a good fish restaurant in Limassol, fond of Mediterranean cuisine, looking for a new gourmet experiences or just planning to spend time in one of the most popular restaurants in Limassol Marina, be sure that Pyxida Fish Restaurant will be the best choice for you.

The first Pyxida restaurant was opened in Nicosia in 2004 and gained popularity among connoisseurs of good food and exceptional service. The second fish tavern opened in Limassol Marina and soon became in great demand among gourmets. Even if you are not a big fan of fish dishes, you have to try Pyxida’s cuisine.

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Pixida fish tavern

What to try at Pyxida restaurant?

Pyxida’s menu is very diverse, and in just one visit, you will not be able to appreciate all the masterpieces, prepared by the chef. From our first visit, salad with crab meat and shrimps became one of our favorites. An amazing combination of seafood with an unusual sauce, will not leave anyone indifferent. The cost of the salad is quite high, according to the Cyprus standards (20 euro), but you will be impressed by the size of the dish, so feel free to order the salad as a cold starter for several people.

Pixida menu

Seafood salad wth shrimps and crabs

Another gem that we “caught” in the restaurant’s menu is the king crab, served with “Thousand Islands” sauce (80 euro per kilo of crabs).

Menu in Pixida

King crab in Pixida tavern

The lovers of fish dishes will not remain indifferent to the presented choice of fresh fish, delivered both by the local fishermen and by their overseas counterparts. Experienced waiters will help you make the best choice and will advise dish that can be prepared with the freshest ingredients and deffinitely will please you.

The wine list is also impressive. Like in the menu, here they picked the best examples of local and international wines. We usually choose Petridis Kiperounta made from Xynisteri, which is Cyprus varienty of grapes (18 euro per bottle), or Zambartas Semillion (25 euro per bottle). And in fact, in both cases you will not be disappointed. If you prefer imported wines, they offer a variety of Greek and Italian wines and wines from the New World in Pixida.

Sit on the terrace with great views to Limassol Marina and parked yachts, enjoy the cuisine and expressed admiration for the skill of the Chef. And there is no doubt that you will enjoy lunch or dinner in Pixida Fish Tavern!

Speciality: fish tavern

Where: Limassol Marina

When: from 12.00

Price: around 40-50 euro per person including wine


  • Cyprus Kaleidoscope rating10
  • Locals rating10
  • Tripadvisor rating9
  • Opentable Rating10
  • Rating10
  • 9.8



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