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Post-release for junior regatta Ioannideia 2015

The 1st annual optimist regatta of Ioannideia 2015 took place during the 7th and 10th of September 2015, in Limassol Cyprus.  Around 60 participants took part in the optimist races.

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The winners of the 1st Ioannideia 2015 International Optimist Regatta are:

Novice Boys Division:                                                                   Novice Girls Division:

1st – Errakos Karatsis (Cyprus)                                                  1st – Daphney Koutsafta (Cyprus)

2nd – Feodor Zoubovski (Cyprus)                                              2nd – Andrea Papazoglou (Cyprus)

3rd – Jordos Koutsoftsas (Cyprus)                                             3rd – Vaso Giannikara (Greece)

Cadet Boys Division:                                                                     Cadet Girls Division:

1st – Emilios Boeros (Germany)                                                1st – Andri Papastavrou (Cyprus)

2nd – Giorgos Michael (Cyprus)                                                2nd – Andriani Georgiou (Cyprus)

3rd – Julian Peccini (Italy)                                                           3rd – Maria-Christina Michael (Cyprus)

Open Boys Division:                                                                      Open Girls Division:

1st – Apostolos Apostlides (Cyprus)                                        1st – Stavri Totou (Cyprus)

2nd – Sotiris Miltiadous (Cyprus)                                            2nd – Marilena Makri (Cyprus)

3rd – Panos Konstantinou (Cyprus)                                        3rd – Louiza Panayiotou (Cyprus)

Overall Winners:

1st – Apostolos Apostlides (Cyprus)

2nd – Sotiris Miltiadous (Cyprus)

3rd – Panos Konstantinou (Cyprus)

All the participants were awarded with honorary diplomas; the winners got the prizes from New Blue and Olimpic Sails sponsors.

Famagusta Nautical Club –the first and most historic nautical club on island was founded in 1960 in Famagusta. After the tragic war of 1974 in Cyprus, the club moved to Limassol. Since the time of foundation club members played an important role in the development of watersports in Cyprus: sailing, swimming, canoe / kayak, rowing, triathlon, water polo, power boats and offshore races.

CTO – Cyprus Tourism Organisation is semi-governmental organization under the management of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. The main aim of CTO is tourism management, development of tourist product and promotion it worldwide.

Moscow Building Service (MBS) is the building company, which differs by a new attitude to the design and interior of residential and commercial real estates.  The company provides a full range of external and internal decoration in Cyprus.  MBS also provides full information and technical support, performs all types of work and gets tenders in governmental offices.  For each project the company provides an individual approach.  The key to quality work are experience and professionalism, as well as the use of the latest technologies in construction.

Limassol Marina partner throughout the years in the Ioannideia event, has managed to develop an exclusive project, implemented with the help of world known engineers, architects and designers.  In Limassol Marina, which was opened in 2014, there is a great combination of residential villas, marina with full range of services, exquisite restaurants and elite boutiques.

New Blue – Polish boat manufacturer.  Using the gained experience, the company makes the effort to make boats more affordable and more reliable. The company has its own design department, which experts are constantly working on improving the product. The quality control department estimated boats.  The production facilities of New Blue company make it possible to supply customers with high-quality boats at competitive prices.

Olimpic Sails – Italian sails manufacturer.  Using the gained experience, the company makes the effort to produce the most competitive reliable sails. The company is constantly working on improving its competitive edge.

RIK – state television and radio company of the Republic of Cyprus.  The basis of television and radio of RIK are news, documentary and feature movies, kids’ programs, music, sports. The channels are broadcasting in Greek, English and Turkish.


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