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Private hospital Ygia Polyclinic

Cyprus medicine

Medical center in Cyprus

Address: 21 Nafpliou Str., 3025, Limassol, Cyprus

Phone: 25884600

Ambulance: 25884885


Working hours: round-a-clock

Location on Google map

Getting started: 1987

Number of places in the clinic: 152

The hospital has its own ambulances. Call a doctor around the clock.

Ygia Polyclinic Departments

Cancer Center in Cyprus

Chemotherapy, targeted therapy, counseling, information about cancer, psychological care, day treatment.

MRI Cyprus

Pictures of the spinal cord, chest, head, neck, liver, kidney, cancer, coronary angiography, cardiac MRI and other pictures.

Radiological Centre in Cyprus

Fluorographic studies, biopsy, mammogram, and panoramic point shots.

Clinical laboratory in Cyprus

Hematologic and biochemical tests, immunological tests, tests for hormones, microbiological studies.

Cardio Center in Cyprus

Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Intensive Care Department in Cyprus

Equipped wards for patients who underwent surgery. Round the clock monitoring of patients.

Pediatric department in Cyprus

Equipped wards for children. The possibility of parents to stay with their children.

Obstetrics and Gynecology department in Cyprus

28 seats, 2 equipped parental room.

Traumatology department in Cyprus

Hour assistance to victims. Delivery to the ambulance yourself.

Operational center in Cyprus

9 operating rooms for all kinds of operations. Planned and emergency surgery.

Ophthalmology center in Cyprus

Early diagnosis and treatment of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.


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