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Restaurants in Cyprus: Ocean Basket

Рестораны в Лимассоле

Кафе Ocean Basket

In this popular cafe, we cane when we just first arrived in the island in 2011. We immediately fell in love with the food offered by a well-known network from South Africa. Six years after the first visit, I have never been disappointed: consistently high quality, good service, pleasant atmosphere. What else do you need to enjoy a casual lunch or a small dinner with friends?

Of course, we can’t recommend Ocean Basket as a pretentious restaurants with high cuisine. But not to evaluate their seafood and specialties — it’s a crime! And taking into account very democratic prices, it becomes clear why Ocean Baske does not suffer from a lack of customers.

So, if you plan to eat well and cheaply in Cyprus, you should definitely go to Ocean Basket in Limassol, Paphos, Nicosia, Larnaca or Ayia Napa. As a rule, the establishments of the network are located in very convenient places (all in all in Cyprus there are 7 restaurants of Ocean Basket network). For example, in Limassol, they are in the Galatex complex and the My Mall shopping center.

Immediately, as you made the order, you will receive a small compliment from the restaurant: pieces of white bread with branded sauces. Be sure to try, but be careful, one of the sauces is very spicy.


Где недорого покушать на Кипре

Ocean Basket на Кипре

The waiting time for snacks and main dishes in Ocean Basket is quite short. The exception is peak lunch hours and weekends (especially Sunday). By the way, it’s better to book seats in these days and hours in advance.

For those who want a bit of snack, I would recommend two starter — grilled halloumi (do not laugh, it’s cooked here just divinely) (4.50 euro) and mussels in garlic sauce (4.50 euro). Pamper yourself, forget about diets and order French fries. It tastes perfectly with garlic sauce!

As for the main dishes or treats for companies, it is worth trying a variety of platters offered in Ocean Basket. A unique combination of mussels, shrimps, fried calamari and calamari on the grill, freshly caught fish will not leave indifferent the most demanding lovers of seafood. The cost of plates is from 33 to 55 euro, but at the same time it’s enough to satisfy 3-4 hunger people.

Describe the characteristics of crispy calamari, tender shrimp, piquant taste of mussels in combination with garlic sauce and other dishes by Ocean Basket, in my opinion, it makes no sense. As they say, it is better to try once than to read a hundred times!

Well, the perfect addition to your meal will be wine from South Africa (about 4 euro per glass), and on particularly hot days — cool signature sangria (about 8 euro per jug).

Bon Appetit!


Где поесть на Кипре

Тарелки в Ocean Basket


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