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Restaurants in Limassol: Coya Peruvian restaurant

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The new Coya Peruvian restaurant, opened in 2015, is located in the place of the former Pascucci Cafe. Looking for a tempting offer on a Sunday buffet, we decided to start our visit to the restaurant with this and we did not regret it at all!

So, the cost of Coya’s Sunday buffet is 15 euro per person. This offer is valid from 12.00 to 16.00. By the way, a quite unusual fact for restaurants, is that the Sunday buffet for children under 12 years old, is served free of charge.

The restaurant guests are offered a vast selection of hot and cold dishes from various cuisines.

Among the cold dishes (meat platter with prosciutto and a variety of delicacies, shrimps, traditional Peruvian snacks, etc.), we note a fairly large selection of salads (traditional Caesar salad, salad with sun-dried tomatoes and cheese, lettuce seed, shrimps salad, etc.). That was a really nice surprise for us!

Particular attention was drawn to the cheese platter: in addition to the traditional kinds of cheeses, you can also find unique cheese balls from a soft cheese with a variety of seasonings. Always it is worthy to try at least one of them!

One cannot stand indifferent to the choice of the hot dishes: tender pork, juicy duck and pieces of stewed lamb, beef and pork. Not every good hotel serves such a choice.

A good addition to your family feast, will be a glass of fine wine or a cocktail, presented in a wide range (from 7.5 to 10 euro).

The level of service is also very high: even in the “hot” time, the waiters served us on top!

We were also able to look into the main menu. The range of meals and snacks is wide, and the prices match the level of the restaurant (the cost of main courses is from 12 to 35 euro).

So, we were satisfied with our visit to the restaurant and there is no doubt that we will come back here once again, to taste real Peruvian food.

Specialties: Peruvian cuisine, sushi, Sunday brunch

Where: Sea road, close to Metro supermarket, former Pascucci cafe

When: —

Price: Around 30-40 euro per person


  • Cyprus Kaleidoscope rating7
  • Locals rating8
  • Tripadvisor rating8
  • Opentable Rating8
  • Rating8
  • 7.8



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