Пятница 10 Июль 2020
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Roads to Troodos open only to 4X4s and vehicles with snow chains

Police said on Sunday that all roads to Troodos were open only to 4×4 vehicles or those with snow chains.

Also open only to 4x4s and chains are the following roads:
Platania – Karvounas
Kalopanagiotis – Pedoulas
Kampos – Kykkos
Kykkos – Stavrou tis Psokas
Kalopanagiotis – Yerakion – Kykkos
Orkontas – Kampos
Kato Pyrgos – Pachyammos
Prodromos – Platres
Prodromos – Lemythou
Pedoulas – Kykkos
Kampos – Kato Pyrgos
Pedoulas – Prodromos
Pedoulas – Pinewood – Kakopetria
Kapoura – Kannavia

Police cautioned motorists to drive at slow speeds, maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead and have the headlights on if necessary.

They also urged those who intend to travel in mountain areas, to avoid problems by first checking police communications on the situation on the roads.


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