Понедельник 13 Июль 2020
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Sentido Cypria Bay ranked third by TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor website has published a rating of the best European hotels that operate on the basis of «all inclusive» system. There are hotels in Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey among the winners.

First place was given to the hotel Voyage Belek Golf & SPA, located in Belek, Turkey (average room rate — 138 euro per night per room).

Second place in the rating was given to the hotel Ikos Oceania in Halkidiki (Greece) with an average cost of 633 euro per room per night.

Cyprus hotel Sentido Cypria Bay in Paphos was awarded with the third prize. The average room rate for guests is 104 euro per night. They offer a variety of sports and entertainment programs, access to the spa and other services in the hotel.

The drafters of the rating took into consideration the quality of infrastructure, the availability and the level of restaurants, entertainment programs in hotels, as well as the location. The main selection criterion is the quality and quantity of the travelers reviews in TripAdvisor over the past 12 months.


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