Среда 1 Апрель 2020
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Christmas in Cyprus

An underwater Christmas party in Larnaca

The Nemo Dive Centre in Larnaca has released a YouTube video of its underwater Christmas party filmed off the coast. The high-quality video...

New Year in Cyprus

Busy streets, but modest spending this Christmas

According to a University of Nicosia survey, 30 per cent of the 500 people questioned around Cyprus will not get the extra salary this...

Cyprus news

Leaders give joint televised holiday message

President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci have wished for peace and for the island’s reunification, in a...

Cyprus news

Demise of affordable festive greenery

“All my life the smell and sight of a real tree has been a huge part of Christmas for me, but this year I just gave up and went...

Cyprus news

Christmas comes to Aphrodite Hills

This weekend Christmas comes to Paphos. An event is to be held at Aphrodite Hills. «Christmas Land» programme includes a visit...

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