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Пожары на Кипре

Cyprus to get €7.3m from Solidarity Fund after fires

The European Commission has proposed granting Cyprus €7.3m from the EU’s solidarity fund to alleviate the financial burden of the...

Limassol investments

Over €100m being spent on Limassol projects

Over €100 million is being spent on Limassol’s development despite tough financial times, Mayor Andreas Christou said on Monday....

cyprus property

Mortgaged property auctions will be held in mid-2016

Mortgaged property auctions in Cyprus will be held in mid-2016. The auction will be held at Hotel Allegra GSP Sport Centre in Nicosia,...

cars in cyprus

The number of new cars in Cyprus increases

According to «Vestnik Kipra» newspaper, the number of registered cars in Cyprus continues to increase. The growth trend Cyprus...


Small business support in Cyprus

EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) is implementing a program

Cyprus statistics

Income from tourism in Cyprus increases

According to the Statistic Agency in Cyprus, the income from tourism in July 2015 increased and partially covered up negative results...

Cyprus news

The programme to boost tourism in Cyprus

As a part of 2 million pilot programme 3 airlines will promote Cyprus. The programme is financed by the state (25%), private airlines (50%)...


Bank of Cyprus sells Uniastrum

Bank of Cyprus announced that they decided to sell 80% of units Uniastrum Bank LLC and Leasing Company Uniastrum Leasing LLC in Russia....

Feta producers

Greek company will produce halloumi in Cyprus

Dodoni dary company from Greece, which is wolrdwide known for its feta chees, is going to expand and operate in Cyprus with the aim to...

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