Понедельник 30 Март 2020
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Cyprus airports

EasyJet launches mobile app for air passengers in Cyprus

Low-cost carrier easyJet said on Monday it had launched Mobile Host at both Paphos and Larnaca airport “to enhance the travel experience...

cyprus mail

Cyprus carrier TUS gets green light

According to Cyprus-Mail, a brand new local carrier is set to launch after receiving a commercial air transport licence from the Cyprus...

Cyprus news

Кипрскому TUS дадут зеленый свет

По данным издания Cyprus-Mail, новый местный авиа перевозчик готов начать полеты...

Cyprus news

Выиграйте тур в Россию: конкурс начался!

По сообщению Cyprus-Mail, студенты, обучающиеся в университете Кипра могут...

Cyprus mail

Cyprus Mail uploaded 1970s archive

This year Cyprus Mail celebrate 70th anniversary and impelements some unusual projects. One of them is uploading to the web-site the...

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