Пятница 10 Июль 2020
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Buy villa in Cyprus

50,000 properties in Cyprus ‘remain unsold’

As many as 50,000 properties throughout Cyprus have remained unsold for a significant amount of time as demand from local and foreign...

Cyprus news

House prices up by 2.5%

House prices in Cyprus increased for a fourth consecutive quarter, according to figures released Wednesday by Eurostat, the statistical...

cyprus property

Mortgaged property auctions will be held in mid-2016

Mortgaged property auctions in Cyprus will be held in mid-2016. The auction will be held at Hotel Allegra GSP Sport Centre in Nicosia,...


The majority of Cyprus people lives in houses

Cyprus is in fifth place among the European countries, where most people live in houses rather than in apartments. According to the...

Buy property in Cyprus

Where to buy property in Cyprus?

The first question that people have, when moving to a new place of residence, is the choice of places to stay. Although Cyprus is small...


Homes in Cyprus are more affordable to workers now

Houses in Cyprus has become more affordable to workers in recent years mainly becasue of the drop in property prices. According to the data...


What is property title in Cyprus?

The title of property owner in Cyprus The procedure for registration of property in Cyprus is very different from a similar procedure in...

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