Четверг 2 Апрель 2020
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Traditional taverns in Limassol

Restaurants in Limassol: Dionysus Mansion

There are the places that just from the moment you come in you understand that it’s not just the business, but the venue, where...

Italian cuisine in Limassol

Restaurants in Limassol: Caprice

If somebody asks us, where to take a girl for a romantic dinner,  where to go for a business lunch with a touch of ambience, or, simply...

Cyprus news

Three Cyprus restaurants selected for global event

Three local restaurants will participate in the global ‘Good France / Goût de France’ event in March. According to a French Embassy...

Best restaurants in Limassol

Restaurants in Limassol: Tokio Restaurant Bar

Tokio Restaurant Bar is one of our favorite and there is no better place in Limassol to try Japanese cuisine. Tokio offers to its guests a...

Coya Peruvian restaurant

Restaurants in Limassol: Coya Peruvian restaurant

Google map The new Coya Peruvian restaurant, opened in 2015, is located in the place of the former Pascucci Cafe. Looking for a tempting...

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