Понедельник 30 Март 2020
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Boarding school in Cyprus

Boarding schools in Cyprus

Quite often, parents who are planning to send their children to study abroad, ask not only the question: «Where to send the child in a...

Cyprus news

Most pupils in Cyprus learn extra language

Nearly all secondary school pupils in Cyprus learn a foreign language with the island ranking second in the EU according to figures...

Education in Cyprus

EU money for students who want to work

Changes are underway for tertiary education in Cyprus with the Finance Ministry gearing up to unveil a new student-employment program after...

Education in Cyprus

Cyprus students increasingly going Dutch

Attracted by the low fees and increasing numbers of top Dutch universities offering English-taught undergraduate and postgraduate degrees,...

american academy

Private English schools in Cyprus

Most parents, including local residents, who intend that their children are educated in a European country or in the United States, prefer...

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