Среда 1 Апрель 2020
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Vasa village6

Cyprus villages: Vasa Kilaniou

Where is Vasa? Find Vasa on Google map Three years ago we came to this picturesque village with the desire to participate in the...

Kato Drys main

Cyprus villages: Kato Drys

Traveling through Cyprus villages is one of our most favorite ways to spend the time. And today we will tell about one interesting village,...


Cyprus villages: Pedoulas

Where is Pedoulas located? Find Pedoulas in Google map For the first time we found the information about the small village last year, when...


Cyprus villages: Anogyra

Where is Anogyra located? Find Anogyra in Google When I first saw Anogyra’s sign on the Limassol — Paphos highway, for some reason...

Деревни в Тродосе

Cyprus villages: Platres

Where is Platres located? Find Platres on Google map Platres village is located on the southern slopes of the Troodos mountain in Limassol...

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