Суббота 28 Март 2020
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Cyprus news

Weather officials expecting rainy weekend

A Meteorological Services official says the possibility of rain showers and possibly even storms could sweep across the south of the island...

Cyprus news

Afternoon rain set to clean away the dust

High dust levels in the air will subside by Thursday afternoon thanks largely to rain showers that are expected to sweep the island....

Weather in Cyprus

Cyprus recovering from freak storm

Residents across Cyprus were on Friday morning sweeping up the mess from strong winds and rainstorms that lashed the island on Thursday....

Cyprus news

Roads to Troodos open only to 4X4s and vehicles with snow chains

Police said on Sunday that all roads to Troodos were open only to 4×4 vehicles or those with snow chains. Also open only to 4x4s and...

weather in cyprus

22 October: rains and storms in Cyprus

Rains and storms in Cyprus: this year until October 22, Cyprus has experienced rather hot temperatures. But today we faced to the first...

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