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The flow of Russian tourists fell, the only Mauritis saved the positions

Tourist from Russia

Russian tourism in 2015

RBC has analyzed the statistics from 35 countries, which Russian tourist used to go for vocation in, and concluded that the flow of tourists fell on all the directions, including Egypt during summer and autumn of 2015. The only country, which saved the number of tourists, is Mauritius.

Arrivals from Russia began to decline from January 2015. Only in May and June, there was a slight recovery on the budget directions (for example, tours in Egypt). The number of Russian tourists visiting Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, has increased up to 14% compared with 2014 year (in May — 288 thousand people, in June — 249 thousand people). The short-term positive trend was observed in such areas as Montenegro, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, as well as the Seychelles and Mauritius (there is no more than 1500 tourists per months in these areas). At the same time in the Turkish area, which is the most popular among tourists from Russia, the flow decreased by 28%.

The May revival on budgetary trend was short-lived due to the strengthening of the ruble. At the same time there was a hope that the season will not be a failure (in May, the ruble was a little bit more than 50.5 rubles for 1 dollar).

The decline in the Egyptian direction for the summer period has reached 15%, there are less 18% of Russian tourists in Turkey than in 2014. At the Spanish direction the results were even more dramatic — in July the number of tourists decreased by 42%, in August — by 34%. According to the Greek direction, there are results only in June, when the flow decreased by 60%.

The largest increase in percentage terms was observed in Mauritius. In September, 585 Russians came to the island, 33% more than in 2014. But the number of tourists in the Seychelles fell by 38% in September (442 tourists).

Russian tour operators say that the market will continue to decline in winter period. Precise predictions are not yet, but the fall will be in double figures.


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