Четверг 4 Июнь 2020
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The programme to boost tourism in Cyprus

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As a part of 2 million pilot programme 3 airlines will promote Cyprus. The programme is financed by the state (25%), private airlines (50%) and Cyprus airports operator Hermes (25%). The decision was taken to boost tourism in Cyprus.

The undersecretary to the President Constantinos Petrides said that they are not satisfied with the results of 2.5 million tourists in Cyprus, as across the the world there was 60% increse in tourism and there are no changes in the island.

The government expects that the Cyprus Tourist Organization and private sector will be involved in creation of national strategy of expanding the tourism in Cyprus. AKEL said that they have serious concerns about the proposed programme as the Hermes is a private company, which involved in State project and will be responsible for taxpayers money.



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