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Vikla junior golf academy

Vikla junior golf academy

How many opportunities for sport activities we had in our childhood? Of course, there were enough. But we can’t compare them with those that our children have. And especially if you live in Cyprus. What to choose: horseback riding or swimming, sailing or yachting? We can try to make choice for a long time. Today we would like to tell about the unique possibility offered by Vikla Junior Academy- «gentlemen sport». Welcome to Vikla golf club!

Vikla Golf Club is one of the first establishments in Cyprus, organized due to the efforts of Robin Houry; but today our story is not about the club, but about the dream of his wife Rita Houry, which came true — Vikla Junior Golf Academy.

Why it’s worth for children to take golf lessons? We asked this question to the head of the Academy Rita Houry and received satisfactory answers. Rita says that golf is not just a sport, but a way of life and also a school of etiquette, which trains endurance, respect for partners, the formation of the kids personality. Rita and her husband say that, playing golf with a partner just a few rounds, you will know more about him than during of long period of joint activities. Indeed, during the games all the best and worst players characteristics will appear. For example, it is possible to cheat and move the ball in a more comfortable position and thus achieve victory. But the secret sooner or later becomes apparent.

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Golf courses in Cyprus

Vikla Club is located about 30 km from Limassol, which undoubtedly makes it a convenient location for those who live in Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca and Famagusta. It is not no secret, that all the other existing Cyprus golf clubs were organized not far from Paphos.

What is the training process in Vikla Junior Golf Academy? Upon request, the club organizes group and individual lessons. Children have the opportunity to take course on an individual schedule.

We asked Rita, how many lessons per week are necessary at the first stage, in order the effect to be maximum. Rita says that 2 lessons is quite enough for children to get acquainted with the course and do not overdo. In this case they would not have the desire to «get rid» of lessons.

As we have noted above, Rita and her experienced assistants teach children not only the theory and practice during the lessons, but also etiquette and manners, they tend to develop the dwell ability in children behavior. If you decide to bring your child to play golf, you will be able to understand how the kids behavior changes.

Another feature is that training in a multilingual team allows children not only to improve the skills of the game, but to make the level of language skills better.

How much golf lessons for children cost?

Of course, we realize that golf is not the most budget sport, you have to cover costs for golf club membership and for the equipment, the costs for competitions, etc. However, at first stage the parents are spared from the exorbitant costs of golf training.

Cost of individual lessons for children is 15 euro per hour, while for buying the subscription is possible to reduce costs: 6 lessons will cost 60 euro.

Now the owners of the Academy are implementing the new project — Saturday Academy courses, where children will have the opportunity to participate in group activities. The number of participants in the group is small (up to 6 children).

What else parents should pay for golf lessons? Each member has to pay an annual membership fee, buy the necessary equipment and clothes. For more information on golf lessons for children and necessary expenses you can contact the head of the Academy Rita Houry by phone +357 99312798 (Russian, English).

So, considering all the benefits for children, when taking golf lessons in Cyprus: the formation of technology and nature, familiarity with one of the most interesting and prestigious sports in the world, improving foreign language skills and the socialization process of your child, we are almost sure that you will definitely be interested and will give preference to golf among numerous sports. After all, unlike the most other sports, golf training does not exclude the possibility for your child to try something else!


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