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Cyprus villages: Platres

Where is Platres located?

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Platres village is located on the southern slopes of the Troodos mountain in Limassol district and is one of the Krasochoria villages. The word Krasochoria means wine villages. Platres is considered to be the biggest resort in Troodos and is situated about 6 km from Troodos square. It’s 25 km north-west of Limassol. The history of Platres is very old and goes back to the Lusignan Era (1192 – 1489 AD) and the Venitian Era (1489 – 1571 AD).

Platres is splitted into Pano Platres and Kato Platres. Pano Platres is the name which was given to the village quite recently, after the village of Tornarides (a smaller residential settlement – 3 km to the south-west) was renamed to Kato Platres. Everyone, locals and non-locals though refer to the village of Pano Platres with its original name, Platres. The average population of Platres is near 500 residents but this can easily change to 10 000 during the tourist season in the previous years. People who lived in Platres were mostly vine growers and shepherds. Later most vine fields were changed to orchards, producing cherries, apples, pears, peaches and various others.

It is interesting fact, connected with Platres: during the King Farouk of Egypt visit at Platres, a new drink was created called the Brandy Sour cocktail which is intimately associated with Cypriot cuisine during the late 1930s at the Forest Park Hotel in Platres.

Attractions in Platres

  • Caledonia waterfalls
  • Milomeri waterfalls
  • The fountain of Roxanne Koudounaris
  • Krios river
  • Psilodentro area
  • Milia bridge
  • Lambouri winery
  • Adventure park Spati

  • Деревни Кипра
  • Пешеходные прогулки в горах
  • Водопады на Кипре
  • Отдых в горах на Кипре
  • Отдых в горах
  • Прогулки по деревням
  • Деревни Кипра
  • Куда пойти с детьми на Кипре
  • Где погулять на Кипре
  • Спорт на Кипре
  • Водопады на Кипре
  • Как найти водопады в Платресе

What to do in Platres

  • Walk around natural trails;
  • Visit the most popular taverns with fresh mountain trout cooked by special recipes;
  • Visit different local wineries, located nearby;
  • Visit chocolate factory and take part in work-shops;
  • Visit trout farm.


  • Attractions8
  • Traditional taverns6
  • Agrotourism10
  • Traveller rating8
  • Historical value7
  • 7.8



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