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Wedding venue: Germasoyia Municipality

It’s possible to organize a wedding in Cyprus in the traditional renovated center of Germasoyia Municipality, located not far from the ancient site Amathunta. This option is ideal for lovers of traditional old style.

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Germasoyia municipality

The official marriage ceremony is officiated by the mayor or the person who has right to represent the municipality of Germasoyia.

Germasoyia Municipality is an amazingly beautiful place, where every stone has its own history. It is called the cultural center and it is an exact name as it has a traditional Cyprus house and patio, decorated in antique style.

The wedding ceremony will be held directly in Cyprus house, in a room decorated with antique furniture and traditional lace.

Germasoyia municipality is surrounded by picturesque green garden, there are also a Greek amphitheater and narrow paths that creates perfect conditions for the organization of the wedding photo shooting in Cyprus.

Not far from the municipality is the church of Agia Paraskevi, who is the patroness of brides.

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