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Where to buy property in Cyprus?

The first question that people have, when moving to a new place of residence, is the choice of places to stay. Although Cyprus is small enough, and it might seem that the property can buy or rent in any place, one should think about the nearby infrastructure and future neighbors. In this article we will try to describe the main features of living in different cities of Cyprus.

Property in Limassol

Limassol is, probably, the most expensive city in Cyprus. This affects on the price of the property, and the cost of lunch at the restaurant, and other components. It happened that the Russian-speaking community is concentrated here. There are a lot of shops with Russian food, books and magazines, Russian and Georgian restaurants, here are offices of almost all Russian media in the island. In addition, the main Russian schools and kindergartens are located in Limassol. Therefore, if you choose Limassol, you will always be surrounded by the Russians and people from the former Soviet Union.

However, Limassol is renowned not only for that fact: it is the only «live» city of Cyprus. Life here never stops, even in winter, the most of the restaurants and cafes are opened, saturated nightlife, which couldn’t be compare with the other cities of Cyprus.

Where to buy (rent) property in Limassol?

If you have a child and you are planning to carry him (her) to the school, kindergarten or remedial classes by your own, it is better to choose a property closer to the place of study. Good place for accommodation is the area close to Papas supermarket and Debenhems (developed infrastructure, proximity to the sea, quiet areas to stay populated by locals).

Traditionally, the area of Agios Tichonas, which is a little bit remote from the center, is considered to be a good choice, and the nearby village of Pyrgos and Paraklessia.

Buy property in Cyprus

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Property in Paphos

Paphos is initially considered to be British place in Cyprus. In recent years, the immigrants from China who move to the island choose Paphos too. If you need a calm and measured atmosphere, «British» style of life and you do not look for noisy places, then Paphos is ideal for you as a place of residence.

Pafos mountain villages located slightly closer to the city than in Limassol, so many people choose them as a place of permanent residence, as in the hot summer months you can breathe easier, and property will cost a bit cheaper than in the city center.

Property in Nicosia

Despite the fact that Nicosia is the capital of the island, the purchase of property by foreigners is not particularly popular. As a rule, real estate in Nicosia, buy or rent those who work under contract for Cypriot or foreign companies.

There is also a Russian and English schools, kindergartens and educational centers. The cost of property in Nicosia will be a little bit cheaper than in Limassol. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the capital is the only city in Cyprus, where there is no sea, so people who choose Cyprus as a holiday option, it is not popular.

Property in Larnaca

Perhaps Larnaca is the cheapest place to buy property in Cyprus. Larnaca, until recently, was unfairly bypassed attention both by investors and tourists. Although it is here that some of the best beaches and the largest international airport in the island.

In the recent years, they start to invest in the development of tourism infrastructure in Larnaca, perhaps in the next few years, demand and real estate prices will rise in Larnaca.

Properties in Ayia Napa and Protaras

Property in the area of ​​Famagusta can be recommended only for those who do not plan to live permanently on the island, and intends only to spend the summer here. In the winter months noisy Ayia Napa and Protaras literally «die out». Most of the hotels and restaurants are closed, people almost none. Therefore, if you choose the city for permanent residence, in the summer you can get tired of the abundance of people on the beaches and in the cities, and in the winter to get bored by the lack of any events.

So, if you choose a property in Cyprus, be sure to determine what you need to have in the neighborhood: maybe you’re looking for solitude and quiet life and want to live in the mountains, but then you have to take into account that the delivery of children to school and go out in the city in winter can be problematic: because of the snow road occasionally overlap. In any case, before buying or renting property is better to consult with a specialist who will offer you a variety of options. Please note that the agencies and realtors in Cyprus does not charge buyers and tenants with a fee, so you will not have additional costs.

Rent property in Limassol

Rent propery in Protaras


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